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We also carry a full line of  professional hair add-ons as well as full wigs and hair

replacement pieces.

Amaze Add-onHere a  a few samples of add-ons available for your every day use.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The Amaze add-on                      --                                                        

 The Big Twist add-on

                   Braided bun add-on for that elegant evening look.

The clip-it Sassy

                                                         The Fancy clip-it add-on

   The Jolt add-on

                                                            The Short Shag comb

  The Shorty comb Curly

                                                                    The Sultry clip-it

The twist up wavy

                                           Fantasia three quarter cap add-on

  Splendide three quarter cap add-on

                                                                 Swirlz add-on


Magnificient three quarter cap add-on

                                             Tempe tousled add-on

Wired add-on

             Victoria human hair piece for hair loss on top of the head14long.