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                                  LAKEVIEW BEAUTY & WIG SALON

                                   'WE ORIGINATE, NEVER IMITATE'

                               870-431-8182  or 870-431-(Hair) 4247

           We carry the latest styles and creations for your everyday needs.

We handle the professional lines of  Revlon,Jon Renau, Envy, Renee of Paris, Amore,

Noriko, Simply Beautiful and Onrite for full -head hair replacement, just to mention a

few.  Here are some samples of styles available thru the salon.

Proud      Be right in style with a feathered look around your face.


Add a little length to that sultry look.

Fun                                             Wear it short and Sassy.

A  little bit Spiky is great as well.

                                             A little more sophisticated look

Short and smooth

                                         Short and a little wispy.

For that smooth and easy look.

                                        How about long and curly??

Just enough to frame the face.

Extendz clip-ins                                           Sexy and sultry all in one!!!

Casual and great for work.

                                              How casual can you get!.

What a lace front can do!!!